Collage of older adults using various forms of technology. Text reads: New Resource: Tech Safety + Older Adults. Now Availalbe

New Resource: Tech Safety + Older Adults toolkit

In this increasingly digital age, NCALL is pleased to offer our newly revised toolkit, Tech Safety + Older Adults, aimed at helping older adults identify ways to safeguard themselves from those who misuse technology to control, harass, stalk, threaten, and/or defraud them.
Photo of a pile of buttons that read VOTE

Every Voice, Every Vote Matters

This year, the United States is experiencing the convergence of two public health crises—COVID 19 and racism—and issues like health care and civil rights are both centered in our national dialogue and reflected in our choices on the ballot. Voting is one significant way individuals can express and shape what matters most to them.
Older Victims of Crime Trainers and Educators Forum

Join NCALL for our first online forum chat!

Join NCALL on August 27th for an online chat on the Older Victims of Crime Trainers and Educators Forum to discuss effective training and education in the age of COVID-19 and addressing the impact of systemic racism on older victims through effective training and education.
Older man putting a rainbow sign out on his balcony

How Right Now initiative

NCALL is proud to support the How Right Now initiative, which is focused on sharing information and support to help people cope and be resilient through the COVID-19 pandemic.
Steps for faith communities to support older survivors during COVID-19

Steps for faith communities to support older survivors

We are calling on faith communities and faithful people everywhere to increase their efforts to connect with and support older survivors of abuse.

Faith Leaders

Many older Americans turn to their faith communities and faith leaders for help when they are experiencing abuse. Older survivors know and deeply trust faith leaders and community members and often reach out for assistance in times of great need. As a faith leader, you can play a critical role in responding to abuse as well as improving access to services and supports for older survivors in your community.