Now Streaming: Lifting Up Voices WEAAD Webinar

On June 5, NCALL, the National Center on Elder Abuse, and Terra Nova Films hosted a World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) 2019 webinar, which featured the premiere showing of NCALL and Terra Nova Film’s new draft video series, Lifting Up the Voices of Older Survivors, funded by the  Office for Victims of Crime, This collection of video clips shares the lived experiences and resiliency of a number of older survivors of domestic and sexual violence, stalking, and financial exploitation. In addition to revealing the heart and incredible strength of these older survivors, the videos also cast a light on the work that is carried out by advocates and the justice system, throughout the country, to lift up the voices of older survivors and to hold their offenders accountable for their crimes. The webinar also explored how the WEAAD 2019 theme, Lifting Up Voices and other initiatives are raising awareness about older survivors throughout the country.

If you missed it, you can now stream a recording of the webinar and download the accompanying materials right here.


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