Request for Proposals: Strategic Roadmap Project Co-Lead

The National Clearinghouse on Abuse in Later Life (NCALL), a project of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin – the Wisconsin Coalition Against Domestic Violence (End Abuse) is seeking proposals for a consultant to co-lead the development of materials for direct service providers and criminal justice stakeholders on enhancing services for Black and African American victims of abuse in later life.  

The goal of the Strategic Roadmap project is to develop stakeholder-driven resources, informed by roundtables and key informant interviews, aimed at improving collaboration among direct service providers, criminal justice stakeholders, and African American culturally-specific organizations. Resource materials will include strategies for supporting culturally-specific organizations as part of a community response to improve services for older Black and African American victims of abuse.  

The contracted consultant in this position will work collaboratively with lead NCALL staff and other contracted project consultants who will provide subject matter expertise to co-construct resource materials that will be distributed nationally to professionals in the victim services and criminal justice fields. 

Project Period and Key Dates

The expected project period will be from March 1, 2022 – September 30, 2023. Please follow this link to access a PDF of the full RFP including an estimated timeline,  designed for a resource release date of July 1, 2023.

Scope of Services  

The contracted consultant on this project will provide the following services for the Strategic Roadmap: Enhancing Services for OIder Black and African American Abuse Survivors project. The activities listed below are examples of key services to be provided and are not fully inclusive of all activities: 

 Overall Project Duties 

  • Co-lead the project with NCALL lead staff; meet 2-4 times per month with NCALL lead staff for planning and product development. 
  • Engage the subject matter experts and stakeholders in a project team, and, in consultation with NCALL lead staff, plan and co-facilitate project team meetings.  

Phase 1: Planning and Participant Engagement 

  • Finalize project work plan.  
  • Identify subject matter experts and stakeholders in the elder abuse and gender-based violence fields who have expertise in the experience of programs serving older Black and African American victims of abuse and financial exploitation. 
  • Outreach to potential participants.  
  • Start project team meetings as outlined in Overall Project Duties section above. 

Phase 2: Information Gathering 

  • Work collaboratively with NCALL lead staff and the project team to plan and carry out two roundtable events including culturally-specific program representatives and representatives from other victim services providers and criminal justice stakeholders; determine roundtable participants, topic areas, and facilitation process; assist in carrying out all aspects of roundtable events. 
    • Roundtable events may be virtual or in-person, depending on the preferences of roundtable participants and public health recommendations at the time of the events. 
  • Work collaboratively with NCALL and the project team to plan and conduct key informant interviews with key subject matter experts and other stakeholders. 

 Phase 3: Information Analysis 

  • Work collaboratively with NCALL lead staff and the project team to summarize information from roundtable events and key informant interviews. Identify key issues and recommendations.  
  • Engage the project team and others to clarify issues and recommendations.  

 Phase 4: Product Development and Approval 

  • With the NCALL lead staff, co-write the resource material for direct service providers and criminal justice stakeholders. 
  • Gather feedback from the project team and funder in an iterative writing process. 

 Phase 5: Product Dissemination 

  • Provide recommendations on dissemination strategies for a national audience of direct service providers and criminal justice stakeholders. 
  • Participate in meetings or presentations, as relevant, to share information with stakeholders and other interested parties on the resource material. 
Qualifications of Bidder 

The contracted consultant for this project must possess an array of qualifications that include, but are not limited to: 

  • Experience working in culturally-specific programs focused on Black or African American victims of abuse. 
  • Experience working at the intersection of elder abuse and gender-based violence.  
  • Experience working in or collaborating with national elder abuse and/or gender-based violence partners. 
  • Organized, excellent written and verbal communication skills, ability to complete tasks on time, and a flexible schedule given that some weeks may involve more hours than others. 
  • Experience co-leading projects.  
  • Strong project management skills. 
  • Strong facilitation and interviewing skills.  
  • Strong writing skills with preferred experience writing resource materials for direct service providers. 
Requirements of Proposals 

Bidders to this project should submit proposals in a similar format as provided in the template included in this RFP. All proposals must be submitted electronically with the header: “Bidder Proposal: NCALL Strategic Roadmap.” 

Each bidder to this RFP is expected to fully inform themselves on all aspects of the work required to be performed during this project. The bidder, through a written electronic proposal, will need to provide evidence of their proven ability and experience to undertake the duties detailed in this RFP. 

All proposals must be submitted by written, electronic copy by 11:59 PM on Friday, January 14, 2022.  To download a PDF of the full RFP, please click here

All proposals are to be submitted to NCALL’s Director, Kristin Burki. NCALL reserves the right to seek clarification or additional information from any Bidder related to their proposal.  For more information about this project, contact Kristin Burki (   

NCALL, a project of End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, is committed to creating a world that respects the dignity of older adults and enhances the safety and quality of life of older victims and survivors of abuse. NCALL is a long-time national leader, technical assistance provider, and resource center on abuse in later life. To learn more, visit 


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