Domestic Violence Month: Older Adults and Animal Companions

For many, animals are an integral part of family life. There are physical, psychological, and social benefits from having companion animals across a lifespan. Animal companions benefit too, as members of a family. However, in some relationships, animals also become victims of domestic violence. Abusers may use them as pawns by threatening to harm or kill them as a way to instill fear in a partner, family member, or in a caregiving relationship.

Join us on October 5 for this discussion, hosted by the Network for Victim Recovery DC, on the dynamics of pets in domestic or family violence and what options are available for people who want to leave their situation but have an animal companion they don’t want to leave behind.

Moderator:  Renee Carrico, Pro Bono and Elder Justice Coordinator, The Network for Victim Recovery DC


  • Kristin Burki, Director, National Clearinghouse on Abuse Later in Life (NCALL)
  • Phil Arkow, Coordinator, the National LINK Coalition (The National Resource Center on the LINK between Animal Abuse and Human Violence).
  • Blair Decker, Senior Pro Bono Attorney, Hogan Lovells, Co-Founder of The Safety Network for Abused Animals & People (SNAAP) in the District of Columbia.

Tuesday, October 5, 2021 from 1:00pm-2:00pm ET

To register use this link:

UPDATE: This webinar has already occurred. 

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