A Stepping Off Point: Where Does Ageism Fit Into Conversations About Elder Abuse in Tribal Communities?

Since 2016 NCALL has served as a lead partner for the OVC funded National Resource Center for Reaching Victims (NRC), a collaborative initiative aimed at enhancing the field’s capacity to identify, reach, and serve victims, especially those from communities with limited access to healing and justice services. The NRC has funded a number of local initiatives in an effort to increase access to more survivors across the nation. The International Association for Indigenous Aging (IA2) received one of these awards, and, with it, completed a needs assessment and report examining barriers to screening and management of elder abuse cases by tribal healthcare providers. Katie Block, NCALL’s NRC Project Coordinator had the opportunity to read and comment on IA2’s report.

We invite you to check out a recent blog she wrote for a series published by the National Center on Elder Abuse for Native American Heritage Month, on where ageism fits in conversations about elder abuse in tribal communities.

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