The NCALL team is excited to announce that Katie Block has joined our staff on October 1 as the new National Resource Center Project Coordinator! Katie brings a vast set of skills and expertise on elder abuse, advocacy, and victim services work. She has a background in social work, public health, and communications, with a focus on developing and supporting victim services programming for older adults. Katie has a deep commitment to the work of building equitable access for older victims that is uniquely aligned with our vision and mission.

At NCALL, Katie will coordinate NCALL’s work with the new National Resource Center for Reaching Victims (NRC) related to older victims of crime. Through comprehensive training and technical assistance, the NRC serves as a one-stop shop where victim service providers, culturally specific organizations, criminal justice professionals, and policymakers may get information and expert guidance to enhance their capacity to identify, reach, and serve all victims, especially those from communities that too often have less access to healing services and avenues to justice. For more information about the NRC, or to contact Katie, please send her an email at:

Please join us in welcoming Katie to the NCALL team and to End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin!