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Undue Influence

Undue Influence: The Criminal Justice Response (CD)
This CD describes a full-day training curriculum designed primarily for law enforcement officers to explore the parallels between undue influence (UI) and domestic violence, stalking, and grooming to better understand the dynamics of some financial exploitation cases and recognize effective investigative strategies. Law enforcement officers will learn to use expertise they already have in domestic violence and sexual abuse cases to effectively identify and investigate financial exploitation where UI may be present.

This training may be adapted to meet the needs of various audiences. These materials are divided into five sections: Overview, Event Planner Materials, The Teaching Plan, Participant Materials and Resources.
Co-authored by Bonnie Brandl, M.S.W., Candace Heisler, JD, and Lori Stiegel, JD

You can download these segments of the CD here:

Teaching Plan (PDF)
Participant Materials (PDF)
PowerPoint Slides (right-click and select "Save target as" - then navigate to a folder on your computer. You must have Microsoft PowerPoint or compatible software to view this file.)