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A significant number of reported cases of elder abuse do not progress through the criminal justice system. Whether an elder abuse case is successfully prosecuted may depend on a prosecuting attorney’s familiarity with effective investigation and prosecution strategies. Further, prosecutors must be able to collaborate across disciplines to increase victim identification, to encourage victims to engage with the criminal system, and to ultimately hold more offenders accountable.

Each year, the Office on Violence Against Women (OVW), NCALL, and Aequitas: The Prosecutor’s Resource on Violence Against Women conduct the National Institute on the Prosecution of Elder Abuse (NIPEA), a three-and-one-half-day course designed to challenge prosecutors to reevaluate their approach to prosecuting elder abuse cases. NIPEA participants receive training on the dynamics of elder abuse as well as practical skills to successfully prosecute these cases. NIPEA explores the complex issues faced by prosecutors while balancing offender accountability with the impact of criminal prosecution on victims. In addition to case evaluation and litigation skills, the curriculum examines the benefits of developing a coordinated, victim-centered community response; explains common injuries and relevant medical evidence, providing guidance on the use of medical experts; explores ethical issues confronted by prosecutors; addresses the development and improvement of culturally-specific victim services; and offers prosecutors the ability to redefine outcomes and the very nature of justice in elder abuse cases.

This year's NIPEA will be held August 7-10, 2018 in Philadelphia, PA.  To learn more, please visit:


Selected Resources:

The United States Department of Justice Elder Justice Initiative (EJI) Website

The United States Department of Justice Elder Justice Initiative (EJI) supports and coordinates the Department’s enforcement and programmatic efforts to combat elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation. The EJI website has an array of materials available to support state and local efforts through training, information, and resources.

EJI website: Elder Abuse Prosecutor Training & Resources page

NCALL has worked with the EJI to create an extensive video series that explores many of the critical elements of investigating and prosecuting cases of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.

Abuse in Later Life and Elder Abuse page

This resource offers an overview of abuse in later life and abuse dynamics, discusses the importance of providing a survivor-centered response, and asserts the critical role collaboration can play in abuse in later life cases.



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