For Healthcare Providers

Health care providers are in a unique position to identify and respond to abuse in later life. Often, many older adults, especially survivors, have an ongoing relationship with one or more health care providers. Primary care physicians, emergency room staff, geriatricians, dentists, physical therapists, and other providers each have an opportunity to see injuries suggesting abuse, neglect, or exploitation, or indicators of trauma.

In 2016, NCALL developed a resource to assist healthcare providers in better understanding and responding to abuse in later life cases. This resource includes links to webinars and other online learning tools as well as a list of selected resources and research articles dealing with this topic. To view this tool, please click here.

To explore additional ways that healthcare providers can make a difference in the lives of older survivors, please visit our Take Action page.

Selected Resource:

Abuse in Later Life and Elder Abuse page

These resources offer an overview of abuse in later life and abuse dynamics, discuss the importance of providing a survivor-centered response, and assert the critical role collaboration can play in abuse in later life cases.



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