For Civil Attorneys

Civil attorneys and other civil legal system professionals work each day to ensure victim safety and hold offenders accountable for harm to older survivors. Their knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of elder abuse, as well as the legal remedies and non-litigation resources available to older survivors, are critical in developing effective intervention strategies to end elder abuse and prevent further harm to older adults.

In 2016, NCALL and the American Bar Association Commission on Domestic & Sexual Violence created a 5-part webinar series on Abuse in Later Life for civil attorneys, legal advocates, and others who wish to gain a deeper understanding of abuse in later life. The primary focus of these webinars is addressing the needs of older victims of domestic violence and sexual assault. To access this webinar series, please visit the NCALL Webinars: Civil Legal Remedies page.

Selected Resources:

Take Action Page

Visit this page to explore additional ways that civil attorneys can make a difference in the lives of older survivors.

Abuse in Later Life and Elder Abuse Page

The resources on this page offer an overview of abuse in later life and abuse dynamics, discuss the importance of providing a survivor-centered response, and assert the critical role collaboration can play in abuse in later life cases.



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