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Walk in Our Shoes: Working with Older Survivors of Abuse (2011)

The purpose of the videos and discussion guide is to encourage critical thinking and conversation about direct services and outreach designed to meet the unique needs of victims of abuse in later life. Since each community has its own strengths and challenges, a variety of diverse viewpoints are offered (in the videos and guide) to assist in determining what will work in your community.

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      01.    Barbara Walters Introduction (0:57 minutes)
      02.    Unless You Walk in Our Shoes (3:30 minutes)
      03.    Working with Older Victims (8:56 minutes)
      04.    Age, Relationship and Gender (6:34 minutes)
      05.    Services (5:32 minutes)
      06.    Outreach (9:31 minutes)
      07.    Working with Your Community ( 6:34 minutes)
      08.    Collaboration (5:22 minutes)
      09.    Barriers and Obstacles (10:23 minutes)
      10.    Rewards (4:12 minutes)
      11.    Survivor Stories: Betty (5:24 minutes)
      12.    Survivor Stories: Bonnie (6:30 minutes)
      13.    Survivor Stories: Patsy (5:21 minutes)

Download Video Clips
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