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Dynamics of ALL

This section on the dynamics of abuse in later life provides an overview that can be useful when working with older victims, holding offenders accountable, and collaborating with other professionals.   


Abuse in Later Life Power and Control Wheel
This power and control wheel was specifically designed by NCALL/WCADV with older victims in mind. The wheel illustrates the variety of tactics abusers may use against older survivors.

Sexual Abuse in Later Life
Sexual Assault Report, 12, 6. July/August 2009. By Holly Ramsey-Klawsnik, Ph.D. and Bonnie Brandl, MSW, 2009.

Power and Control: Understanding Domestic Abuse in Later Life
Generations, the Quarterly Journal of the Amercian Society on Aging, Summer 2000, XXIV, 2, 39-45. By Bonnie Brandl.

Coalition Chronicles: Advocacy for Survivors of Abuse in Later Life
October 2010: 29, 2.

Abuse in Later Life: Name It! Claim It!
First published in the WCADV Education Journal, this article focuses on recognizing and addressing abuse in later life. By Bonnie Brandl and Jane Raymond, 2005.

Sexual Violence in Later Life: A Technical Assistance Guide for Advocates
Sexual violence in later life is a form of elder abuse. This guide thoroughly investigates the complexity of the topic and includes information on signs and symptoms, special issues facing older victims, and primary prevention techniques.  Published by the National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 2010.